What To Do With Your Damaged Car


Depending on the car you own, determines how well it ages. You may be able to have a car for 20 years without any major problems, or you may only have it for 5 before all sorts of issues arise. This is why it’s so important that you think carefully when deciding on what car you would like to buy to begin with.

But when your car is damaged, whether that be due to an accident on the road, or it has just passed its sell-by date, it’s wise to have an idea of what you plan on doing with it.

Get it fixed      

If your engine just needs a little stitching up from an oil leak, or maybe it’s your transmission that isn’t shifting properly, you should take it to the Auto Repair people who can have a closer look at it. They may find that it’s beyond repair, or they may want to just change the air filter, in which case you have a win-win situation – it barely costs anything, and you know your car isn’t dying.

Sell it how it is

There is no reason that you can’t sell your car, regardless of how damaged it may be. The only issue is that you may not find anyone willing to pay a lot for it, depending on the damage that is present. You will be able to find some services that are willing to come and pick up your car free of charge, but they won’t be paying you anything for it.

Cash for cars

If you look around in the right places online, you will come across some people that will happily buy your car from you, but it won’t be for a lot of money at all – definitely nothing close to what you may have had in mind. So don’t be expecting big bucks because you’ll be left disappointed.

Local ads

You can try and sell your vehicle yourself online with sites likes Craigslist for example. You will be in charge of dealing with people’s enquiries if they have any, and you will also need to be available if someone wants to come and have a look at it. You will also need to be prepared for people trying to haggle the price down as low as possible, so have a realistic price in mind beforehand, along with how low you’re comfortable going – if at all.


If you want your car taken off your hands quickly, then you can call up a local junkyard who will take your car and give you a little bit of money for it. If you just want a quick option, then this is it, but you should know that they will then sell your car off in pieces, and make a rather nice profit off it, while only having paid you a mere few bucks.

Sell it in parts

You can sell your car off in parts yourself, but this will take quite a bit of work as you will be the one that has to dismantle the vehicle, and this can be a rather big job, especially if you have no experience of ever doing this. You can then sell the parts on sites like eBay.