Why Buy a Car When You Can Buy a Pickup?

For whatever reason, people are turned off from buying a pickup truck and it’s a mystery as to why. For starters, pickups offer far more utility and space, and they don’t have terrible fuel economy either. Many old myths about off-road vehicles have been proved false and as automobile technology continues to improve, there are fewer reasons why you should avoid buying a pickup in favour of a popular common car such as the Honda Civic.

In fact, the Ford F-Series of super duty vehicles is currently the best-selling vehicle in the United States and Canada. It currently sits at 123,951 sales, compared to the Honda Civic which is at 50,134. That’s under half the amount of Ford F-Series sales! The numbers speak for themselves and it should be clear that there’s very little reason to buy a regular car unless you want something flashy and fast. But to be perfectly honest, there’s almost no advantage that a car offers over a pickup unless all you are worried about is speed.



It’s very easy to add upgrades and modifications to your pickup, further cementing their place as versatile swiss army vehicles that can fit your exact expectations. For instance, if you’re having trouble with visibility at night, it’s as simple as buying LED light bars to attach onto the front of your vehicle. There’s no major tinkering required and you can simply purchase these modifications online and install them. There are other great accessories such as tonneau covers, cross bars for the roof of the vehicle and easy-to-install seat covers. You can truly personalise your pickup and it takes very little work. And then there’s the wealth of fantastic engine and suspension modifications you can add to your vehicle as well—there’s an almost endless list of possibilities!



The United States is a large place with a lot of different walks of life. However, while the privileged one percent of the population is busy deciding which shiny coat of paint they want on their new Ferrari or Lamborghini, everyone else is busy working and focusing on their cheaper vehicles. The Ford F-Series truck starts at just $26,730 while the more recent SUV 2017 Ford Escape starts at just $23,750. Although SUVs are slightly different to pickups, they’re still versatile and offer many of the same advantages and these are incredibly low prices for all of the features that you’re receiving.


These aren’t called sports utility vehicles for no reason! In addition to carrying a full family, you can fit a tonne of items in the back such as your shopping or furniture and, depending on the type of pickup you get, the cargo bed could give you a ridiculous amount of space to move things around. The size and power of the vehicle means it can tow other vehicles and large objects such as a boat or a motor home, and it’s an extremely durable vehicle which makes it safer in the event of an incident. Compared to a regular car, there’s just no competition. A pickup offers far more for the price and thanks to how easy they are to modify, there’s no shortage of uses.