Winter Is Coming, Get Yourself a Car That Can Handle It

Jon Snow might not know anything, but the cars below do (when it comes to winter, anyway). Yes, the cars below come made ready to tackle the worst driving season of them all, the winter time. And, it would be prudent of you to consider buying one of them if you are dead set on taking your safety on the roads this winter very seriously

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Suzuki Swift

There are little cars out on the market today that will keep you rooted to the roads, no matter the weather, better than the Suzuki Swift.

But why does the Swift stick to the roads so well? Well, one of the reasons is the fact that it comes readymade with the very impressive ALLGRIP system; as you can probably tell, this is a system that helps the cars that it is built into grip the road, whatever the road, whatever the weather. And to add to this sublime level of grip that the Swift naturally has, its SZ5 tyres get to work gripping the roads too.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Some of you drivers out there, however, will not be satisfied with just staying on the roads, whether it’s winter time or not. No, some of you out there will not want a car that is necessarily going to grip the roads because you want to take yourself and the car you own further afield. Yes, some of you drivers out there want to head off the beaten track and explore off-road terrains! If you are this sort of driver, then the Land Rover Discovery Sport could be the one for you.

Fiat Panda 4×4

If you’re a driver that wants to stay safe on the roads this winter and look good whilst you do so, then make sure to take the Fiat Panda 4×4 into consideration. And, if and when you do, make sure you don’t let the pleasing aesthetics of this car confuse you, this is a car that can most certainly go in the winter!

The Panda 4×4 is a winter goer because of how mobile it is. Simply, this is a car that is packed full of so much mobility that it would be a surprise if it didn’t swerve any danger that the winter time enforces upon the roads. And, to support this winter mobility, this car comes with tyres that can tackle even the slushiest of road layerings.

Audi TT

Again, if looking good whilst you drive is your goal, then the Audi TT is another option for you. But, the TT isn’t just a car that looks good, it is a car that is perfect for winter driving, too. Why? Well, like the previously mentioned Suzuki Swift this is a car that grips to the roads like velcro grips to, well, velcro; the TT’s gripping abilities are brought about by its Quattro four-wheel-drive system. And, to assist these gripping abilities are LED headlights that will light up whatever is on the road ahead.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

Or, if you’d prefer a car that comes solely with the task of getting you from A to B to Z this winter safely, regardless of the way it looks whilst doing so, then give a thought to the Volvo V60 Cross Country. As you can probably tell, this is a car that crosses countries in the winter, no matter the terrain, condition or climate as if it were a nice, safe summer’s day. And, this is a car that even makes light work of snow, no matter how thick it is. See, this car comes a whopping 65mm above the ground, which means snow is s(no)w trouble for it.

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster, especially when bought in four-wheel drive, is a car that will see you successfully circumvent any road, no matter dangerous or treacherous it may seem. What’s more, this is a car that is big enough to allow you to sleep or nap comfortably within it, so if you were ever snowed in anywhere you would not have to worry about getting home in order to sleep comfortably, per say. Just make sure your boot is always packed with a blanket, a pillow and a coat!

No matter what car you get for this coming winter, however, just know that the car won’t be able to do the job of keeping you safe all by itself. No, your car won’t be able to keep you safe all on its own, you’re going to have to help it to do so. Well, you’re going to have to help it in its safety endeavour if you, one, don’t want to have to get the best car accident attorney you can find on your side to fight any car crash claims born of an accident you have been involved in, or two, you value your safety and the safety of your fellow road users. So, make sure your tyres are checked. Make sure you have a full tank of petrol. And make sure you car is generally up to the task of getting your exactly where you need to go in as safe a way as possible.

So, there you have it, a compressive list and breakdown of the cars that you need to consider buying if you are planning on taking your driving safety very seriously this coming winter. Whether it’s a car that grips to the roads, whether it’s a car that circumvents treacherous terrains with ease, whether it’s a car that is mobile enough to dodge wintery hazards or whether it’s a car that can do all these things and look good whilst doing so, just know there are always options out there for you to take when it comes to buying yourself a new motor for the winter season.