Stupid-Fun Vehicles That Won’t Break The Bank

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When choosing a car, for most people, basing the decision on fun-factor isn’t an option. Instead, you have to find a car that suits that family. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun at all. You just need to be willing to splash out a little. Owning a second vehicle isn’t too expensive if you don’t use it too much. And, the purchase price doesn’t have to be high at all. In fact, the cheaper you go, the easier you’ll find it to have fun without stress. To give you some options, this post will go through some of the best cheap vehicles for having a bit of fun!

  • ATVs/Quadbikes

For some weekend fun, ATVs are a great option. They’re don’t require insurance, in most places. And, they require next to no fuel. You can even sling one on a trailer and take it further afield. Unfortunately, though, they’re not massively safe. Wearing a helmet is a must, and you should always start off slow. But, don’t let that put you off. ATVs can be operated without incident if you’re careful.

  • Mud Trucks

If you fancy something a little more powerful, a mud truck might be your dream. A mud truck is a pickup or SUV that’s been modified to be raised from the ground on larger wheels, to make it more effective on rough terrain. They’re generally more powerful than their commercial counterparts, as well. You can find mud trucks for sale everywhere, and they’re usually pretty cheap. Unfortunately, finding spares for these beasts can be a challenge. And, insuring them on the road can be a pain, as well. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, mud trucks can be some great affordable fun.

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  • Willy’s Jeeps

If you fancy something a little more reliable, a Willy’s Jeep may be your option. These small jeeps were the main land vehicle used by the US military in World War Two. As such, this means that spares for these machines are easy to come by and even make yourself. They’re incredibly simple vehicles that can bound across most terrain with ease. They aren’t very powerful, though, which could be negative for some. They can be found extremely cheaply, though. And, they’re very easy to come by.

  • Motorcycles

For those who prefer life on two wheels, you have loads of options for cheap motorcycles. In recent years, Chinese companies have started making near-exact replicas of Japanese bikes. These bikes are much cheaper than the original alternatives, and they perform just as well. To make this even cheaper, you can get you bike delivered in a crate. You do some of the assembly yourself, but you don’t need to be a mechanic. You just need to get the bike checked by a professional before taking it on the road. But, once you built it, a bike like this could fill your weekends with joy for years to come.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to help you get out there and have some fun. The roads don’t need to be a boring place. If you’re able to invest a little now, you could provide yourself with entertainment for a very long time.