Born To Be Wild: Advice For Buying Your First Motorcycle


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We’ve all had that fantasy. The call of the open road. The wind in your hair. Weaving across the open road. Is there a better symbol of freedom that the motorcycle? So let’s say you’ve decided it’s been a fantasy for too long. You’ve chosen to pull on your leathers and find that perfect two-wheeler for you. Whether you’re looking for that laid back cruiser or are ready to tear up the roads on a sports bike. There are a few things you need to think about when buying your first Motorcycle.

Where will you be driving it?

Not every road will be perfect for opening up the engine and testing the bike’s acceleration. Just like how not every road is going to give you the space for a tarmac chewing chopper. Consider a sports bike’s snappy handling if you’re going to be driving around the city. Or if you’re more inclined to long road trips then a touring motorcycle be more your style. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re picking the right vehicle for the right environment.


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Hardly the most glamorous of factors when buying a motorcycle but certainly one of the most important. Motorcycle insurance can be pretty steep, depending on the type of bike you’re getting, and you don’t want to end up out of pocket. A sports bikes powerful acceleration and high top speed end up making them some of the priciest to insure. While a scooter or moped will have a far smaller engine, making it much cheaper.

Transporting the thing

This one might seem obvious right? If you want to transport a vehicle, you drive it. Simple. Well, it may not be that easy. You may have found the best deal on your perfect bike online. That way you could well end up needing it delivered. (Unless you have a generous friend who’s willing to help you pick it up.) You could also be in a position where you’ve bought your beloved chopper but can’t pick it up because you’re not yet insured. Delivery services like Shiply can make that whole process much easier.


Nobody wants a motorcycle without an engine that they can open up now and then. But don’t let your excitement get the best of you. When first starting out you may not want to be going straight for the fastest, most powerful option. Certain cruisers can have engines larger than some cars, and the acceleration of sports bikes can be pretty extreme. Perfect for more experienced riders but perhaps not ideal for your first time hopping in the driver’s seat.

Whatever you bike you end up choosing, remember that they are powerful machines and you should treat them with respect. Take care of your bike, and it’ll take care of you. Keep them clean and well maintained, and they’re sure to keep the wind in your hair for years to come. And, of course, drive safely.