Drivers These Are The Ultimate Safety Rules of The Road

While driving seems like a very ordinary and everyday thing to do, it does, of course, hold many dangers. That is why it is so important to drive as safely as possible. Something that you can get some reminders on below.  

Stay alert

Staying alert is an incredibly important part of driving safely. This is because driving happens at speed and if you are not aware of exactly what is going, you will not be able to take the evasive action necessary to avoid a serious crash.

Staying alert is also an issue because driving can feel very routine a lot of the time. That makes it easy to switch off and go on autopilot. A situation that isn’t great for safety as you’re much less likely to see things before they become a problem.

To stay alert when driving always try and take breaks on long journeys, or share the driving where possible. Also, don’t forget to have regular coffee stops where you can refuel on caffeine and get out and stretch your legs. An action that can help get your circulation pumping and make you feel a lot more awake for the next part of your trip.

Pick the right vehicles

Another rule of road safety is to pick the best car possible. This doesn’t mean the fastest or best-looking vehicle but is in fact all about how the car you buy does on the IIHS Safety Testing scale.


At the moment the 2018 Kia Soul and 2018 BMW 5 series are at the top of the list in term of safety because both include a TSP plus rating.

Watch out for bad drivers

While you may be alert and driving the safest car possible, you aren’t always in control of what others drivers so on the road. That is why it is so important to recognize the sign of bad driver, as then you can keep your distance.

Look for vehicles moving around the lanes vertically, ones not signaling when they turn, or drivers that are slowing down and speeding up without explanation.

Of course, if you do get into an accident with this sort of driver professionals like Scott Gottlieb, car accident attorney can help you claim any compensation that you are owed. Money that can be put towards any medical costs, as well as getting your damaged vehicle repaired or replaced.

Minimize distractions

Last of all, whenever possible, it’s vital that you minimize the reaction that you have when driving. That means phones should be away at all times or even better get them connected up to your car’s infotainment systems.

An infotainment system is a gadget that can read out any texts to you, and allow you to make hands frees calls to reply to them. You can even run you sat nav through your infotainment systems, meaning your phone and its many distractions can be stored safely away for the duration of your journey. Something that can make even the shortest drive a lot safer for you and others on the road.