Motorcycles: As Daunting As You Think?

Have you been humming and hawing over the thought of finally making the switch to a motorcycle for a while? Is there something intimidating about it forming a barrier you just can’t seem to get your head past? It’s decision-making time. We’re going to look at the pros and cons of owning a bike and finally decide whether you’re going to take the plunge or stick to your cars for now.

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Convenience: it’s a blessing

Few vehicles can truly be called “convenient”. They are complicated and sometimes temperamental pieces of machinery, after all. However, motorcycles certainly can be more convenient. For one, they’re smaller and tend to be much easier to clean. But even some of the perceived inconveniences aren’t really inconveniences. For instance, there are apps to find motorcycle parking all across the country now. Since it takes up much less space, it’s easier to find space for it at home, too. Especially in the garage, where it can be tucked to the side, out of the way of bad weather.

Inconvenience: the double-edged sword

That’s not to say there aren’t some real inconveniences. For one, motorcycles simply don’t last as long as cars. They might require a little more maintenance and replacement parts and they still generally don’t live as long. The smaller size that’s a blessing for storing it is a curse when it comes to storage space. You can add some, but it will never be able to carry half as much as most cars. Finally, unless you learn how to handle wet roads, adverse weather conditions can rule out riding entirely if you want to play it safe.

Safety: it’s a concern

Indeed, motorcycles are a more dangerous vehicle on the road in general. A big part of that is down to the fact that other vehicles tend to be nowhere near as good at “sharing the road” as they should be. But the fact is that when riding a motorcycle, if you have an accident, your vehicle might not protect you. You have to protect yourself with high-quality safety gear. As they say, dress for the slide, not the ride.

Costs: not as bad as you might think

We consider motorcycles a luxury, but the truth is that they’re less expensive than a car. It costs a lot less to get your license, it takes much less fuel to keep on the road for longer, it has a smaller insurance price tag. Even the vehicles themselves are more affordable. You can find a Harley online, and a real exciting, fun one at that, for a quarter of the price you might buy a Toyota Prius. To some, that kind of price more than makes up for the fact you might have to replace it more regularly. Motorcycles cost less to own, period.

Think carefully about the points above and what kind of reaction they elicited in you when you read them. If the cons outweigh the pros, then you have a justifiable reason to be nervous about buying a motorcycle until you can get around them. If it’s vice versa, however, it’s time to stop getting in your own way and start getting on your way on your shiny new hog.