You’re a Good Driver. Other People? Not So Much

Here’s the thing about driving: it’s not really about what we do. It’s the other cars on the road that cause the issues. Even the bad drivers would agree with this; ‘there wouldn’t have been a problem if that other car hadn’t been in the path of my swerve!’ As such, while you’re the example of a modern driver, you can never really be free on the roads. Below, we take a look at a few issues that the great drivers among us need to contend with.


Handling Road Rage

When it comes to the roads, there’s one feeling that we’re all familiar with – road rage. You can be driving along, loving life in your perfect car, and then from nowhere, an aggressive driver has pushed their way into you. The red mist comes upon you, and your first reaction is to shout as many bad words as you know in their direction. But remember that road rage will never lead to anywhere good, even if it might be satisfying. It’ll just cause you to become distracted and take your eyes off the road. Forgive, forget, move on. You’ll be happier for it!

Motorbikes and Cyclists

You can kind of judge when a person is a bad driver, and then do your best to avoid driving too close to them. This is much more difficult when you’re dealing with motorbikes and cyclists. They can seemingly come out of nowhere, surprising you on all sides. In these scenarios, you can only do what you can, which is to use your mirrors as well as possible, and take extra care when making turns. Cyclists are usually pretty intelligent on the road, even though it might not always seem like it.

If an Accident Occurs

It’s a fact of life that accidents occur. Some can be just be considered small scrapes, while others are more serious, and may require emergency services. A good driver isn’t just someone who follows the rules of the road; it’s someone who knows how best to act if an accident does occur. Unfortunately, some drivers may not admit to their errors; if this happens, check out and see what help is available to you. Not everybody is as honest as you are, so you’ll need help to get the money you’re entitled to.

At Night

Some times of day are more dangerous to drive than others. Take night. Usually, the night can be a fine time to drive, with few other cars on the road, you have the highway to yourself. However, this isn’t the case if you’re driving at the weekend, and you live in an urban area. Then, there’s every chance that there are intoxicated drivers on the roads. Look out for telltale signs of a drunk driver and then call the police when it’s safe to do so. Despite greater education about the dangers of drink driving, it’s a crime that is increasingly on the rise.

Know Thyself

While you might think that it’s all about the other drivers, it’s important to keep in mind that they might be thinking the same thing about you. People do generally tend to overestimate their abilities, and more so when they’re talking about something they do every day and on autopilot. Before you assume that you’re better than everyone else on the roads, have an honest look at your skills – or, if you find that too difficult, ask a friend! If there’s an area of your driving that you think could do with some improving, put in some practice. Only good things will come from it!

It’s Their Journey

There’s something else about other drivers that must be remembered: it’s their journey. Ultimately, you won’t be able to change their driving habits by showing them all the ways in which they’ve made a mistake (though if they’re doing one thing particularly dangerously, do let them know). You may have to roll with the punches from time to time and accept that taking a chance with other drivers on the road is just the price you have to pay for the convenience of a car.

Driving Your Best

Gandhi told us to be the change we want to see in the world. We’re suggesting you be the change you want to see on the roads. Be patient, follow the speed limit, and do as you would like others to do. It’s a small gesture, but if you’re driving your best, you might just make other drivers think twice about driving without consideration. Plus, you’ll be doing your best to keep you and your family safe!