Fine Tune the Potential of These Easy-To-Modify Cars

Tuning and modifying cars is a favoured pastime of many petrol heads out there. Not only do these people want to drive their whip, but they want to actively make a difference and build on its performance too. But it’s not just these people that are allowed to modify their or other people’s cars; you can too. However, if you do decide that this is a venture that you want to take, as a novice it’s best to choose an easy-to-modify car as your first experiment. Read on to find out some of the best cars that fall into this category.

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Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a modifying novice’s dream. In fact, even those that are experienced in the field would have fun tuning this one because it has everything a true tuner would want in a project. It has a very simple front-wheel driving platform to get to grips with. It’s handling dynamic skills are of such excellent quality that they can withstand the minor mistakes amateur tinkers are bound to make. And it has a robust transmission system that won’t yield to poor tuning efforts. All of this means that not a lot can go wrong when you choose this car to tinker with, so it should really be the one you, as an amateur, should choose. And it also means that the tuning of a Civic should definitely be the project you choose to take on if you’re a person that prefers performance over aesthetics. But, if you are partial to a bit of aesthetic appreciation, then this is a car that still has potential for that too. Common modifications to its appearance range from adding outlandish snorkels and spoilers to more understated, yet sleep, chrome trims. You can find all the parts you’d need to make your Honda Civic look perfectly pleasing here.

Acura Integra

The classic Acura Integra is truly the perfect car for any tuner — novice or pro — to get their hands on as it is brimming with tuning potential. It’s windows have the potential to be made to look sleek and cool when tinted. It’s solid build means that modifications can be made on it easily. And, because it is one of the most stolen cars in the world, key parts for it are always floating about on the market. So, if you’re looking for the perfect car for your next tuning, then you wouldn’t go far wrong with this. And, if nothing else, then the aesthetic result of the Integra once it has been modified should be the thing that drives you to choosing it. The classic look it goes into the tuning experience with combines perfectly with any modifications that take place on it; it ends up being the perfect mix of classic and modern.

This car was a classic when it was first produced, and can be made even better with a bit of fine tuning. And you want to know the best thing of all? Acura Integras can be found cheaply on the market today.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The MX-5 model of the Miata series has one of, if not the most, famous reputations in all of motor modification. It has been handed such a prestigious reputation simple because it is blessed with excellent handling capabilities as well as both track racing and drifting skills that are the envy of most other cars — and these skills are only enhanced twofold when the right modifications take place upon the car. And it is these qualities have been the main reason as to why this has long been a favourite of tuners all around the world — especially the that have a need for (safe) speed. However, unlike the two cars listed above, the Civic and the Integra, this is a car that should only really be worked upon by experienced tuners. This is because of the fact that, as mentioned, the right modifications need to take place upon it. But that doesn’t mean any of your amateurs out there can’t help and watch an experienced tuner as they work on one of these babies, does it? You would be able to stand back and watch as they work upon the car’s four-cylinder engine and it’s small block V8. You could watch in awe as they make its handling characteristics even cleaner and swifter. And they might even take you on a track day in it once they’re done!

Almost all Ford Mustangs

Does any modification even really need to take place on these classic cars? Not really, but it’s fun to do so anyway. If you are the type of modifier that appreciates both performance and aesthetic prowess, then you should choose any of the Mustang cars to modify — new or old — aside from the V6 model. But the classic 1965 Mustang is truly the best out of the lot, and that has been proven. It has been proven by drift racer and all-around car enthusiasts Ken Block, who recently made modifications to it and has been travelling the world with it ever since. And everywhere he has been in it, he and the car have not been short of admirers. Again, these cars might be better suited to an experienced turner. But still, it is easy to get to grips with them if you really have an urge to.

Nissan 240SX

If you have a particular proclivity for track drifting, then modifying the 240SX and using it as your drifting weapon of choice is what you should be doing. This is because it comes already built with rear-wheel drive, as strong a transmission as you will find in a car and an engine that just won’t die, no matter how much it is put through its paces. And when a car comes custom built with all of these aspects and skills, you know it is going to make for sweet drifting machine once modified. The modifications that should be made on this vehicle to enhance its already perfect drifting capabilities include tinkering with tire and rear chassis mods and experimenting with wheel options. And you’ll be pleased to know that this car is one that everybody can easily get to grips with, no matter their tuning status. And better still, the end result of this car is one that can be drifted in by anybody, including drifting amateurs. However, just make sure to restrict the drifting to a safe and controlled environment, such as an on-track drifting experience day. This is because of the fact that no matter how safe a car is or can be made to be (even the Nissan 240SX), drifting is never truly a safe exercise.

Scion tC

If you’re doing your tuning on a budget, then the Scion tC is the car for you. This is by far the cheapest car on this list, and that is even when it is bought new. And it is probably one of the most popular modifications choices on this list too. This is because the car itself is a tad underwhelming, but it’s potential once tuned is massive. The 2.5 litre tank and four-cylinder engine are a few aspects of this car that just beg to be worked upon. And, if you want to provide this car with the modified power it deserves, then you can do so no matter where you are in your tuning career. Just be sure to not let the aesthetics of the car go wanting when you do so; a new and alternative spoiler is probably something that you should seek to implement.

As you can see, there are a host of car opportunities out there for you to work upon and tune. So, go out there and unlock your tuning potential by unlocking the potential of the cars above — but don’t forget you’ll need the right tools for the job. But don’t fear as there are a whole host of auto body supplies and tools out there that will help you do the car you are working on proud. These range from the simplest of supplies, to the most tailored tools. They include simple supplies such as back-up pads, tape and wire wheels. They include tailored tools such as flow benches, wind tunnels and on-road performance testers that are specific to the car you are working on. When you start your modifying venture, it’s imperative that you have everything you need; literally, you must have the right tools in your tool belt.

So, if you want to start tuning a car, no matter if you’re a novice or a pro at it, you do it. Just make sure to choose the right car for your skill level, and make sure you have the right tools for the job. And make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into too. These sorts of ventures have the potential to eat away at a lot of your time, and your funds. So, make sure you set yourself enough to be able to unlock the potential of the car you’re working on. And make sure you have at least a rough idea of how much the whole venture is going to cost.