The 4 Coolest New Car Features In 2017

Every year automotive manufacturers find creative new ways to raise the bar and outdo each other on vehicle technology features which happens much to the delight of car buyers. Hopping into the front seat of a vehicle that’s just 4-5 years old might make you feel like you’ve traveled back to the stone age. If your car doesn’t have the latest smart tech features it might as well be your old 1990 Ford Tempo with the roll-up windows right? If you’re ready to experience some serious new car envy then continue on to our list of the 5 coolest new car features available in 2017.

  1. Bentley Entertainment Tablet

The 2017 Bentley Bentayga ultra-luxury SUV is giving our list a tech-savvy start with its take on the in-car entertainment system. Not only is it extremely stylish but it’s also portable – in the front seatbacks you’ll find two very sleek 10.2 inch android tablet computers that can be detached and taken with you to the office or coffee shop. They also give you intuitive control of all your vehicle entertainment options. Most of us likely can’t afford the Bentayga brand-new, but with these kinds of features it’s no wonder the market is heating up for luxury used cars.

  1. GM Rear Seat Reminders

Maybe you finally made it home after a long day or you’ve arrived to the office late because of traffic – we’ve all been distracted enough to forget things we need in the back-seat but those days are now gone. The new seat reminder feature from GM knows when a rear door has been opened before you drive somewhere and then alerts with you a chime and instrument cluster message once you’ve stopped. GM makes sure you don’t forget your kids or your briefcase in the back seat again

  1. Mercedes-Benz Active Lane Change Assist

Making its debut in the very stylish 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the new active lane change assist feature is one of the most impressive additions in semi-automated driving technology. Simply hold down the turn signal for more than two seconds and then let the E-Class take the wheel. It will wait for a clear opening and then automatically maneuver itself into an adjacent lane at speeds between 50 and 110 mph. We might have to visit our local Mercedes-Benz dealership just to see it for ourselves.

  1. WIFI & LTE 4G Connectivity

Ok this feature might not be exclusive to 2017 but since most of us can hardly live a day without a wifi connection it’s still worth mentioning. Plus, with more automakers adding this tech to their new vehicle models in 2017 it’s also getting easier to find. This convenient piece of technology allows you to turn your car into a hotspot so you can connect several different devices to the network, just like you can in your living room.  Now you don’t have to worry as much about data when you want turn up your favorite Spotify playlist on the road.

There’s always going to be a place in the market for used car dealerships but for those of us who like to have the latest and greatest tech, there’s some very exciting new features to geek out over in 2017. We expect to see the premium luxury brands to lead the way on technology, but as you can see even mid-range brands are offering up some new solutions to make your drive better. What are your favorite new car features in 2017?